About Us

About Us

Founded in 1980, our company has taken its place among the last years in shirting fabrics and labelstock in the area of ​​Turkey's leading companies.

Our company has 6000.000 meter fabric with annual production capacity with 15.000m2 closed area and 5.000m2 open area with the latest technology weaving machines; cotton, polyester cotton and printed shirting fabric.

Our products are exported to more than 30 countries in many parts of the world as well as domestic sales.

Our company, which adopts the principle of customer-focused quality service, presents this service to its customers with high quality and qualified staff.

Our company always takes into account social phenomena such as environmental consciousness and human health in all its activities.

In the following periods, our aim will be to be among the leading companies in the shirting fabric industry by bringing our customer-focused quality service understanding to a higher level.



Our company, which represents Turkish textile successfully both at home and abroad, adopts customer focused satisfaction and high quality service and offers this service to our customers thanks to our dedicated and qualified staff. Our company, which operates with environmental awareness, provides export services to more than 30 countries in different continents.

To become a leading company in the shirting fabric sector by taking customer-oriented quality service understanding to the upper level.


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