Consumer Protection

Part One - Purpose, Scope, Definitions
Article 1 - Purpose
Article 2 - Scope
Article 3 - Definitions
and Illumination
4 - Bad Goods and Services
Article 5 - Avoiding from Sales
Article 6 - Installment Sales
Article 7 - Campaign Sales
Article 8 - Sales from the Door
Article 9 - Sale from the Door
Seller's Liability
Article 10 - Consumer Loan
Article 11 - Periodicals
Article 12 - Label
Article 13 - Warranty Certificate
Article 14 - Instruction Manual
Article 15 - Services
Article 16 - Commercial advertisements and advertisements
Article 17 - The Advertising Board
Article 18 - Harmful and Dangerous
Goods and Services
Article 19 - Quality Control
Article 20 - Training of Consumer
Third Part - Consumer
Article 21 - Consumer Council
Article 22 - Consumer Complaints Referee
Part Four - Judgment
and Criminal Provisions
Article 23 - Consumer Courts
Article 24 - Production, Discontinuation of Sale
and the Garnishment of the Property
Article 25 - Penal Provisions
Article 26 - Authority, Appeal in Crimes
and Timeout
Part Five - Miscellaneous
Article 27 - Supervision
Article 28 - Laboratory
Article 29 - Appropriation
Article 30 - Other Provisions
Article 31 - Regulations and Regulations
Article 32 - Amended Provisions
Article 33 - Entry into Force
Article 34 - Execution
PART ONE - Purpose, Scope, Definitions
1 - Purpose
The purpose of this Act is to ensure that the requirements of the
the health, safety and economic benefits of the consumer
protective, enlightening, educative, compensatory, environmental
to take measures to protect them from danger and to
to encourage their self-protection initiatives and to
to promote voluntary organizations in the creation of
to regulate.
Article 2 - Scope
This Law provides that for the purposes stated in Article 1, goods and services
any legal action the consumer creates as a party
It covers.
Article 3 - Definitions
In the implementation of this Law;
a) Ministry: Ministry of Industry and Trade,
b) Minister: the Minister of Industry and Trade,
c) Commodity: Trade matter, movable property,
d) Service: The cost of a fee and / or
intellectual activities,
e) Standard: Turkish Standard,
f) Consumer: By buying a good or service for special purposes,
real or legal person who uses or consumes,
g) Seller: Consumers including public institutions and organizations
real or legal persons providing goods and services,
h) Manufacturer-Manufacturer: Including public institutions and organizations
goods or services offered to the consumer or the goods or services
those who produce raw materials or intermediate goods,
i) Consumer Organizations: An association established for the protection of consumers,
foundations and consumption cooperatives.
Article 4 - Misleading Goods and Services
On its packaging, on the label, in the identification and handling instructions
or that is promised by the seller or
quality and / or quantity of the goods,
its value in terms of purpose or the benefits that the consumer expects from it
financial, legal or economic deficiencies
goods or services containing, as defective goods or defective
If it is understood that the purchased goods are defective; consumer,
within 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods, these goods
return it to the vendor to change or pay the price
price deduction for the loss of value caused by
or free of charge repair.
any one is preferred freely. Preferred by the dealer consumer
The applicant is obliged to fulfill this request.
against all kinds of damage caused by defective goods
dealer, dealer, agent, manufacturer-manufacturer and importer, jointly
and they are jointly responsible.
it does not remove this responsibility.
If the sold property is confidential or is a shame,
, the seller has not been referred to him within 15 days.
it can not be relieved from responsibility.
If the seller has not given a warranty for a longer period of time,
and any harm caused by defective goods
lawsuits, even if the shame was later revealed,
2-year time-out from the date of delivery. But
If the seller hides the goods sold by the consumer with fraud,
Can not benefit from the 2-year time-out period.
The preceding provisions shall also apply for defective services. defective
if the service becomes impossible to recapture or results in unwarranted
in the case of the quality to be born,
you will be discounted as much as the benefit you provide.
For the goods and services purchased as known to be defective,
provisions do not apply.
On used, repaired or defective goods to be sold
or the packaging, the manufacturer or vendor can easily
"Disability" as you can read